RIP Liz Daley - A True Mountain Woman.

Posted on 30 September 2014

As snow-loving ski + ride gals, our role models include all-around badass mountain chicks. The ones that truly embrace the lifestyle. These girls push themselves in training and they take safety seriously - all while keeping the adventures fun and lighthearted. It’s the perfect balance and one that we strive for here at Skida. We live, breath, work and play this mentality.

Liz Daley showed an overwhelming amount of support to Skida, sharing her adventures with us, as well as little love notes about her headbands. Today, she died in an avalanche while descending a 7,000ft peak in Argentina. Liz was an accomplished splitboarder, alpine climber and mountain guide who was born and raised in Washington.

We ski + ride out of love and we represent a brand that is a reflection of our passion for it. Liz shared this passion, inspiring us to work hard and get out to the mountains.  RIP.

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