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Posted on 02 September 2014

Collaboration cultivates creativity. 
To us, it's all about give & take - and working with the gals at has been such a blast! Here, they've featured our founder, Corinne, as the first 'Jumper' in a new profile series.  Thanks, ladies!

Jumper: Corinne Prevot

Hometown: Burlington, Vermont

Quote: Treat yourself with magic, love, and respect and you will attract people that love and respect you … this is the magic.
– Whitney Chamberlin

About Corinne: My name is Corinne. I am a skier, mountain-biker, and design-enthusiast. I am a small-business owner and the big sister to two brothers. My favorite color is blue. I am a farm-raised, small-town girl and a product of alternative education. I like to be on the go.

…So much so that I find it hard to sit still sometimes. And that brings me to my story as a skier. In the spirit of jumping, I find I’ve jumped into all sorts of things. Not because I was tired or entirely unhappy with what I was pursuing at the time, but rather that I found a particular intrigue in something new that I wanted to try. I like exploring things that are new to me: visiting new places, meeting new people, acquiring new things, riding new trails, and seeing new mountains. Amongst all of this trying, I always find things to fall in love with.

My parents have a knack for falling in love with rural, off-the-beaten-path places that have an intricate and multi-dimensional beauty. I grew up skiing at Burke Mountain in northern Vermont with my brothers. It was our playground. My childhood dream was to go to Burke Mountain Academy and be a ski racer when I was old enough, and that’s the farthest I’d looked ahead at the time.

In the winter of my 10th grade year at Burke, something in my mind shifted and I felt an urge to try something new. I thought, perhaps becoming a cross-country skier was something I’d enjoy. And it was! It brought me to so many incredible new places – from Alaska to Scandinavia. I made new friends and joined a community that was soon to be the support system that would launch a business that is my livelihood today. It also enabled me to get further into mountain biking as I spent my college summers in the vast natural playground of Sun Valley, ID.

My passion for skiing led me to Middlebury College, and again, I felt another urge to try something new. I hung up the race bib and my skinny skis, seeking a speedier thrill. I got myself a touring set up with skis I could thrash through tight Vermont woods. To me, freeskiing is the best of all of these worlds I had experienced. As if each sport I had taken on led me to this culmination. Alpine ski racing showed me that I loved flying downhill; Nordic skiing – the climbs; Mountain biking – the woods. But, perhaps the most important thing that all of these ‘chapters’ brought me – the part that ties it all together – is the passionate community that embraces each activity.

We’re all passionate about one thing and it's getting outside. We all have a story. Your story is integral to who and where you are, how you’ve gotten there. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, how you got there, but we should celebrate that passion and the journey each person takes to find what they love.

To me, community is the soul of skiing.

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