A Communal Affair: Yoga on Church Street

Posted on 10 April 2015

Hey there! We've teamed up with Yoga on Church Street, Localvore Today, and Prevent Child Abuse Vermont for perhaps the most well-rounded community collaboration in Burlington, VT.

Localvore Today is running this special benefit through the end of April:  donate $35 or more to benefit Prevent Child Abuse Vermont & get an exclusive Yoga on Church Street Nordic Headband by Skida (us!).  

So, what are the Highlights?

  • Receive an exclusive Yoga on Church Street headband with your donation of $35 or more for Prevent Child Abuse Vermont.

  • Yoga on Church Street is a free, community yoga event that raises awareness and donations for Prevent Child Abuse Vermont. This year they are encouraging early donations with this sweet deal!

  • Be sure to wear your headband to the event on Sunday, August 9th, 2015 – it's the 5th anniversary! 9:00AM - Noon.

  • Prevent Child Abuse Vermont supports the development of healthy relationships within families, schools, and communities in order to eliminate child abuse.


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