Chasing Winter: New Zealand By Road!

Posted on 01 August 2015

Last month, we spent two weeks exploring the South Island's spectacular mountain roads in an epic quest for the ultimate work-hard-play-hard road trip!  The camper was home to our team of three gals: Wholesale Manager, Caitlin Mitchell; Production & E-commerce Wizard, Sarah Micioni; and Founder / Fearless Leader, Corinne Prevot.  Throughout our travels, we visited thirteen retail stores, lived in the most obnoxiously colored van, and frolicked around the snow-covered mountains on feet and on skis!  Here are a few snapshots from our quest.  Enjoy!


After 30-odd hours of time traveling, we arrived in Christchurch not knowing if we were tired or awake.  Regardless, we quickly warmed up to this monstrosity of a camper van and squeeze our bags into our new home.  Onward!

In the spirit of putrid green, the highlighted route shows our path.  Mostly circular, we went from sheep farms, to mountains, to sheep farms, to coastline, to mountains with sheep on them, back to the coastline, etc.  All within two weeks time!  


A popular topic of debate:  These rivers must be the source of Gatorade's Glacier Freeze...  At least the inspiration behind the color?  Sarah in the Navy Sherburne Knit and Little Grace Tour.


Although laggy on those mountain climbs, good ol' Jucy J never failed us.  Especially with three sets of eyes on the road.

On Corinne: Sky Blue Dash Knit, Flower Power Tour
On Sarah:  Merlot Darling Knit, Midsummer Neckwarmer
On Caitlin:  Black Darling Knit


A chilly morning along the West Coast was perfect for a beach run in the crisp morning light.


July is peak wintertime for New Zealand, which meant a number of things for us:  dressing for cold weather, need for hats, morning frost in the lowlands, and guaranteed vacancy at all camper parks!


Breakfast from the camper kitchen was a satisfying way to start the day.  A group effort, without a doubt.  Caitlin soaking in the warm morning light in the Radiant Orchid Alpine Hat.


We felt so small amongst the snow-capped peaks.  It's a refreshing and invigorating feeling, don't you think?  Sarah in the Sky Blue Darling Knit and Feeling Peachy Tour.

Enter:  The most inconspicuous mountain tunnel.  We were told that this tunnel would "blow our minds", so the anticipation was high.



Et voila!  We arrived in Milford Sound, where the steep, rocky landscape arose so dramatically from the sea.


Behold, the Kea, the world's only alpine parrot.  They're real tricksters, known for their intelligence - one almost flew off with Sarah's spare camera lens!

The bluest lake in all the land... Lake Tekapo wow'd us on our way back towards Christchurch.  If you squint your eyes and tilt your head, you'll catch little Caitlin nearly camouflaged with the view in her Sky Blue Darling Knit and dark layers.


We made it to the top of Craigieburn for our final day in NZ!  This place was highly recommended for a "real" NZ ski experience.

Latch on!  The "Clubbies" are a series of rope-tow accessed ski areas in the Canterbury region.  Going up was harder than getting down!

A shadow casts over the upper bowl.  Our first couple of runs started at the top of that ridge line where the sun hits.  The snow was great!

Regrouping with our local guides on the ridge, where you could see Christchurch on one side and the island's tallest mountains on the other!



All-in-all, the place is A-OK and there's no shortage of activities on this little island!  As you plan your next adventure, go for the camper and explore all the nooks-and-crannies that you can get yourself into.

Happy travels!

The Skida Gals 

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