Chasing Winter: The Green Racing Project (GRP)

Posted on 15 October 2015

As the warmer months come to an end, we patiently wait for the snow to fall here in Vermont.  For nordic skiers, glacier training is a great way to get on snow during the "off-season".  Vermont’s Green Racing Project (GRP), an elite nordic ski team based in Craftsbury, spent last month training on the Dachstein Glacier in Ramsau, Austria.  Skida is so excited to be their new headgear sponsor, and to be able to share their adventures and successes this season!  Here's an account from the team during their most recent training adventure on the other side of the globe.

For our first few days, the cliffs stayed shrouded in a layer of fog, adding to the mystery. This photo gives you an idea of the scope of things on the glacier (yes, the tiny ant dots are skiers!).

» Why Austria, and why the glacier? They say skiers are made in the summer, but sometimes it pays to get on snow during the warmer months and reacquaint ourselves with real snow beneath our boots. From our training base in Craftsbury, it was just a hop across the pond (literally, a direct flight from Montreal to Munich) to our training camp site in Ramsau. We got in six glorious days of skiing, and then Mother Nature took over and the skiing turned into water skiing. Luckily, Ramsau has miles upon miles of hiking and running trails to take advantage of, so we were all happy campers. Here are a few of our best shots from the trip, enjoy!

Every morning that we skied, we drove up a winding mountain pass, hopped on the tram, then went straight down an alpine slope to reach the nordic trails, at ~9,000 ft of elevation.

Our view from the top of the tram, looking out on the trails below. When you get to ski with this view, life is good!

The entirety of the GRP contingent in Austria. Cheese!

Biathletes Ethan Dreissigacker and Casey Smith cruising along. During our week of skiing, we shared the trails with skiers from Russia, Japan, Finland, and Estonia, among others. It was inspiring, to say the least, to ski alongside Olympic and World Cup medalists.


On the warmer days we ventured up, up, up, above town to the miles of hiking trails. Once we got above the wooded hillsides, the landscape became positively lunar.

Green fields and happy skiers in the valley below! Kait in the Waterlily Nordic Headband, Liz in the Snowbelle Nordic Headband, and Hallie in Little Grace Nordic Hat.

Follow along! The Green Racing Project (GRP) skiers and biathletes have their stories and adventures up on social media - @greenracingproject, Facebook, or Twitter.

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