Back to School: Kids Face Masks

Posted on 31 August 2020

Skida | Shop Kids Masks
Skida | Shop Kids Masks!
We created a kid-friendly face mask for ages 5-12 from our signature Skida fabric — comfy enough to wear all day long! Our Kids Face Mask features an adjustable lace and toggle to allow the mask to be easily secured to minimize fiddling and face-touching. When not in use, the laces can be pulled overhead to allow the mask to drape over the chest - keeping track of a mask is the last thing we want kids to worry about.

Skida | Shop Kids Masks


This mask is designed to have a single lace loop sit behind the nape of the neck. The lace ends, that thread through the toggle, should lay above the ears and sit secured on the back of the head. When the ends of the laces are gently pulled, the toggle will slide, creating a snug fit. 


Skida | Shop Kids Face Masks

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