Dede Johnston For Skida

Behind The Print

Sharing a love of wintry landscapes, skiing, and Vermont, we teamed up with photographer and designer, Dede Johnston, to give her 'Crowded Slopes' series a new platform on our winter accessories. Enjoy!

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We've teamed up with our friends at Revel Bikes to give away a custom Rascal mountain bike frame wrapped in our new print, Sedona Red.

Skida x Revel Frame Giveaway

Behind the Collaboration

This one-of-a-kind bike is one of many beautiful Revel bike builds from collaborators all over the world. The floral print is an original design that was created by the Skida team from idea inception, to photographing real flowers in studio, and reimagining the images as art through color and repeat pattern designs. 

Behind the Sedona Red Print

"To have been a part of this creative process from seeing cut floral blooms on the studio floor, to a colorful vinyl decal wrapped on a state-of-the-art bike frame colored to my Pantone the most rewarding blend of art and function, weaving together my passion for design and bicycles. I am so grateful for Adam's openness to the creative vision, making the process possible, and providing the freedom and opportunity to make it happen." – Corinne Prevot, Skida founder & Revel team rider

Sedona Red Moodboard
Corinne's Sedona Red moodboard.

Fun Fact

This bike actually isn't one-of-a-kind, it's two-of-a-kind! Our friend Julia van Raalte has one too, which was the initial inspiration behind this project. Julia was the one who introduced Corinne and Adam Miller of Revel, resulting in a number of beautiful, floral-wrapped bike frames.

Adam Miller | Julia van Raalte | Corinne Prevot
Adam Miller of Revel Bikes (left) and Corinne Prevot of Skida (right) present their mutual friend Julia van Raalte with her custom Revel Rascal frame.

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