Dede Johnston For Skida

Behind The Print

Sharing a love of wintry landscapes, skiing, and Vermont, we teamed up with photographer and designer, Dede Johnston, to give her 'Crowded Slopes' series a new platform on our winter accessories. Enjoy!

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Blackberry Swirl | A Vermont Mountain Biking Adventure

Welcome to summertime in Vermont where miles of singletrack and the ever-rewarding, post-ride creemee await. Follow along as local mountain bikers, Corinne Prevot and Ella McAndrew flow through some of the best trails in the Green Mountain State as the fabled maple jungle performs its annual seasonal change from winter-hardened forest to a lush, green oasis. Corinne and Ella's unique style and energy blends together as they encourage each other to push their riding limits and enjoy time spent together in their home state.

Blackberry Swirl has been selected to premiere in the 2021 Mountain Film Festival.

Presented by Backroad Creative and Vermont Tourism. Filmed by Henry Miles.