L39ION of LA x Skida

Posted on 02 December 2020



Introducing the Equality Collection in
collaboration with L39ION of Los Angeles.

40% of all Equality sales go toward Team L39ION.

We caught up with Justin Williams, Founder & General Manager of Team L39ION of Los Angeles:

L39GION x Skida

Tell us about the Equality print, and what the word represents for you and Team Legion.

"As we move forward it’s important to remind people about the destination we are heading towards. I feel that this collaboration allows for just that, forcing people to look the wearers in the face and acknowledge how far we’ve come, but how far we still have to go."


Kate Courtney, the California-based Olympic mountain bike racer and World Champion, (low-key Skida fan on cold training days) introduced us to Team L39ION.

Kate Courtney | Photo by Christopher Stricklen
Kate, what does this collaboration mean to you?

“Being able to wear something that represents a vision of equality in the sport, supports a team that is actively working hard to make that a reality AND is made by a company that I love and align with on so many levels is truly an honor. I’m a fan all the way around :)"


Photo of Lea Davison by Vermont Social.
Photo of Kate Courtney by Christopher Stricklen.
Photo of Ama Nsek.

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Interested in learning more about L39ION? Check out this article about the team by The New York Times.

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