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Sharing a love of wintry landscapes, skiing, and Vermont, we teamed up with photographer and designer, Dede Johnston, to give her 'Crowded Slopes' series a new platform on our winter accessories. Enjoy!

Inspired by the empowerment that getting outside can provide, we are pleased to present the Little Bellas x Skida Collaboration.

Introducing the Little Bellas x Skida Collaboration!

Sharing a deep love of the outdoors, we caught up with Little Bellas' Hazel Brewster to ask her about the organization, the collaboration, and the future of Little Bellas. 


Little Bellas.So, tell us what Little Bellas is all about?

The core of Little Bellas is "mentoring on mountain bikes" for young girls. The sport is used as the platform and pathway to personal growth, building community, instilling confidence, and encouraging girls to reach their full potential. Little Bellas also strives to increase accessibility by providing financial assistance, bikes, and gear for girls who would otherwise be unable to experience the sport. In 2007, the first program took place in Williston, Vermont and had 12 girls. Eight of those original 12 girls at the first camp are now mentors. Today, Little Bellas has programs nationwide in 18 states, launching new programs annually, and has served 5,200 girls to date. 

Why did Little Bellas want to collaborate with Skida?

Little Bellas Co-Founders Sabra and Lea Davidson and Skida Founder Corinne Prevot all share a love of Vermont. All three women attended Middlebury College in Vermont, grew up skiing in the state, loving the same mountains, and feeling the true empowerment that getting outside can provide. Little Bellas has always wanted to collaborate and is thrilled to put both of our logos on this product.

What does this print mean to you?

We love this print because it combines our quintessential Little Bellas colors (purple and blue) with some epic mountain scenery. When you sent us a few designs, we took them to our mentors for feedback and this print was overwhelmingly the favorite! We think the print is symbolic of our organization in that from afar, we're a bold and powerful organization, but as you get closer, you see all the details and layers that make up the whole. Just like the mountains and clouds in the print, Little Bellas is layered with strong women and intentional programming to help our girls reach their full potential.

Do you have any advice for people who are new to mountain biking, especially the young guns?

It's all about fun! Your bike can bring you to some really incredible places. Enjoy the views and being in the outdoors. Also, you're going to fall, it happens to everyone - even ask any of our Pro Ambassadors! Plus, it's a great feeling once you ride something that you struggled with the first time. Mountain biking is for everyone. Anyone can ride a bike with a bit of practice, and there are trails for everyone from beginner to experts. Grabbing a friend or your family can make a ride even more fun, too! 

What's something about Little Bellas that people may not know?

The name "Little Bellas" actually originated from a women's riding club called the "Bellaship of the Wheel" that was native to Little Bellas' home turf in Vermont. The young girls associated with the Bellaship of the Wheel voluntarily called themselves "Little Bellas."

Photo by Alisha Bube.Photo by Alisha Bube.

Is there anything else you want us to know?

This year we have over 400 incredible women who volunteer their time, skill, and vision to Little Bellas. They make up our national network of mentors, and are key role models for this younger generation of girls. We live in a crazy world today, and we are so lucky to have mentors who facilitate these supportive environments where kids can focus on being kids.

How will your programming be changing in response to the coronavirus?

Little Bellas' goal is to manage our programs with actions based on fact and sciences to avoid panic related to news about COVID-19. Our commitment is to create a safe and supportive environment for all of our participants and mentors, so we are assessing each of our programs based on recommendations from the local and national health departments. The reality is that our 2020 programming continues to be impacted. But, regardless of the rescheduling or cancellation of some programs, Little Bellas will be here and ready to get #moregirlsonbikes for years to come! 

Little Bellas.

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You can learn more about Little Bellas through their website or follow along with their adventures via Instagram.