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Posted on 10 April 2020

Hi friends!

We have been thinking about you, fellow explorers of these uncharted waters.

We are committed to helping and protecting others and appreciate all of the love, support, and encouragement to keep making and creating.  We downloaded Zoom and our days have been spent collaborating, researching, and sharing new discoveries and ideas on how best to navigate these waves.

Here’s the scoop. Before telling you about our masks, we want to make clear that wearing a mask is a last-resort measure and is not in lieu of following CDC, state, and local guidance on social distancing.  We all still need to stay home as much as possible until shelter-in-place orders have been lifted.

We understand that wearing masks will become a more regular part of our routine and we want to make sure you feel covered, comfortable, and expressive while adapting to this new normal.  In designing these masks, we consulted with experts who emphasized the importance of washing face masks after each use.  

Using our signature Skida fabrics that are available to us on short notice, we’ve made a run of face masks that we think will brighten your day and keep you covered if you must leave your home.  Our mission is to offer our community a product that can endure regular washing and promotes the safety of others, while encouraging a habit of wearing masks, especially if a minimum distance of 6’ is not maintainable.

Today, we are also donating 100 face masks to frontline workers.

If you are on the frontline, thank you for your service <3

Corinne & Team Skida

Skida | Face Masks

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