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Posted on 08 December 2020

We are proud to welcome World Cup alpine ski racer, Olympian, and Vermonter Ryan Cochran-Siegle to the Skida family with his new RCS Arcs Collection! Proceeds from this mountain-inspired print, designed in collaboration with Ryan, support his travels, training camps, and races around the world this winter. As the ski season begins to ramp up, we'll be cheering loud for Ryan and the rest of the US Alpine Ski Team
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40% of proceeds from the RCS Arcs Collection go towards supporting Ryan's pursuit of World Cup podiums, travels, and training camps.

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Growing up skiing at his namesake hill – Cochran's Ski Area in Richmond, Vermont – Ryan Cochran-Siegle descends from a long line of Vermont ski racers. Though ski racing is in his blood, Ryan has worked hard on his career, and overcome injuries and obstacles along the way. He qualified for the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea and in the spring of 2020, ended the year ranked 20th in the world – the best overall world ranking for American men. 

We chatted with Ryan to learn more about his upbringing on the slopes of Vermont, new quarantine hobbies, and the silver-lining of his off-season training -  

Welcome to the Skida family! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
"I grew up skiing at my home hill of Cochran's Ski Area in Richmond, Vermont starting around the age of two. Some of the first memories I can think back on are gray and chilly New England days, with light and fluffy snow steadily precipitating down, covering the tracks of previous runs. I was always trying to catch up to the older kids, following them through glade trails in the woods and catching air over built-up jumps. I'd chase them down a training course on I-89 and roar back up on the rope tow run after run. Once in a while we would find ourselves inside the lodge warming up with a cup of hot chocolate and the daily-allowed chocolate chip cookie, but most of the time we were outside skiing from the first T to the final bombing run. I spent many, many days like this as a kid, just soaking up as much fun as we could and finding a state of shared happiness."

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We heard you got into watercolors while quarantining last spring. Is that where the inspiration for this print came from?
"With everything that happened this past spring due to COVID, I suddenly gained a lot of extra free time. One of the things I ended up exploring a little bit was watercolor. I found it to be very therapeutic and relaxing, especially at a time when anxiety around the world was so high. Fast forward a couple months to when we first got going with this project, and coincidentally this watercolor mountain pattern was one of the first print options presented to me. I knew almost immediately that this was the direction I wanted to take. After getting to see the finished project firsthand, I have to say how happy I am with how it's turned out, all thanks to the creative guidance given by the Skida design team!"

Where did you come up with the name for RCS Arcs?
"I was trying to create something that blended a bit of my own personality with the world of snow sports where Skida has such a strong presence. Skiers and riders showcase their own unique expression and style from where they find the most joy, and for me, that's when I'm linking arcs down a mountain, angulating to the limit and letting that rawness all hang out. It's an experience that can be shared among many and I believe it's one of the core feelings that make us find love in the outdoors. You also can't spell arcs without 'rcs,' so bridging the two concepts together was easy."

What did your off-season look like this year?
"Compared to other off-seasons in years past, this year consisted of a lot more time training at home and a lot less travel. In a normal year I would have had close to eight weeks of skiing in total between Norway, New Zealand and Chile training camps. Due to obvious travel restrictions, I was unable to do so. Instead, my team utilized the resources we have here in the U.S. with training camps at Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood in Oregon and then played the game of catch-up when we got to Europe in late September. The silver lining in all of this was having longer blocks of strength training as well as a lot more time spent at home with friends and family compared to the past few years."

What's one thing we might not know about you?
"One fun fact about me is that I am a self-diagnosed synesthete, which means that stimulation in one of my cognitive pathways leads to an involuntary experience in a second cognitive pathway. I discovered this in the deep depths of a Wikipedia journey while doing what I am sure was useful research on Billie Eilish. The type of synesthesia that I experience is spacial sequence synesthesia where I associate numbers, dates, and letters of the alphabet as points in space."

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Learn more about World Cup alpine skier Ryan Cochran-Siegle here »

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