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Posted on 19 November 2021

We are excited to introduce our newest print collaboration with World Cup Alpine skier Ryan Cochran-Siegle! This year's leaf-themed RCS Arcs Collection reminds us of cool and colorful autumn days in the mountains of Vermont, Ryan's home state. As always, proceeds from the collection support Ryan's race pursuits on the World Cup circuit this season.

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40% of proceeds from the RCS Arcs Collection support Ryan's pursuits in World Cup Alpine Skiing.

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Skida | RCS Arcs | Meet Ryan

Descending from a line of U.S. Ski Team athletes, skiing is in Ryan's blood. Ryan started skiing at the age of two at the family ski area in Richmond, VT, taught by his mother Barbara Cochran, a gold medalist in slalom at the 1972 Winter Olympics. Ryan's season came to an end early last season due to injury, but prior to his crash, he'd achieved two World Cup podiums. This year, Ryan is hungry to pick up on the high note he left off on last year.

We caught up with Ryan in the midst of his training to chat about his new print, coming back from injury, and what he's most looking forward to this season —  

This is our second print collaboration! What does the Skida x RCS Arcs collaboration mean to you? 
"For me, it's a way to dive into a less familiar space with lots of challenges as well as ideas and then see what comes out on the other end. It's all about the creative process, and freedom involved in making a design that tries to reflect my own personality."

The RCS Arcs mountain print last year drew inspiration from your watercolor explorations during quarantine. This year, you actually painted some of the elements of your print! Can you speak to that process?
"After going through the process of designing my mountain print last year alongside a ton of help from the Skida team, I wanted to go a step further this time in creating my own design elements in addition to other input with color scheme and layout. As per usual, there were a few vague ideas floating around in my head of what I was trying to get out, but they didn't really come to life until after I sat down at Skida headquarters and started watercoloring. It took playing with different techniques and strokes before getting anything that I even remotely liked. From there, I found having patience and not trying to do too much really helped elevate the quality of the elements that started to appear on the paper. I like how everything turned out, matching a similar theme to last year with the watercoloring while also getting a finished design that looks totally new and original."

How did you spend your off-season this year?
"After getting back on snow in May from my neck injury, the rest of the off-season was normal. I spent the summer working out in Vermont until traveling to Switzerland for a six week on-snow training camp in Zermatt and Saas Fee. My top priority was adjusting to a new equipment setup after changing to Head skis this spring. We got incredibly lucky with the weather and by the end of the camp, I felt that I had learned a lot and established a solid base to build from heading into the race season."

Your season ended early last year due to injury, but we are so stoked to see you back on snow this year! Can you tell us a little about your recovery process? What motivated you, and how are you feeling now?
"I fractured my C7 traverse process in a downhill crash toward the end of January. After consultation with our team neurosurgeon, I ended up getting surgery to stabilize my C7 in early February. The recovery process was quite simple, I just wasn't allowed to do a whole lot the first two months while waiting for everything to heal together. By May, I was already back on snow freeskiing, so all said and done, it was a quick turnaround. The biggest motivator to come back was the level of skiing that I had been able to achieve prior to the crash. Where I stand now, I believe I am more than capable of getting back to that kind of skiing and even better. I am fully healed, feeling great, and hungrier than ever to be working on my craft day in and day out!"

What are you most looking forward to this season?
"Redemption in Kitzbühel!

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
"My main goal is to get back to the level of skiing I was at prior to my injury. I don't think I should be thinking about achieving certain results at this point because it will only add unnecessary pressure. Instead, I want to focus on the tangibles I can control and assess daily. That means getting my equipment set up to where I can push the fall line, be critical of how I'm attacking different challenges, and getting that feeling of flow back as well as I can."

What do you do to let off steam during your busy season?
"Having grown up in the beautiful state of Vermont, I have naturally learned to love being outdoors. I enjoy exploring the mountains and countryside any way possible, whether it's on a mountain bike, hiking on foot, or gravel grinding an old country road. Being outside also provides a great opportunity to practice photography, another one of my main interests beyond skiing."

What's your current mantra?
"Love yourself, trust your ability, enjoy the moment."

Anything else you'd like to share?
"Thanks for checking out my print!"

Learn more about World Cup alpine skier Ryan Cochran-Siegle here »

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