Wild Rye x Skida: Introducing Wild Poppy

Posted on 06 October 2020

Sharing a passion for technical and beautiful outdoor apparel, we've teamed up with the ladies behind Wild Rye, a Sun Valley-based apparel company for women. We're pleased to bring you our third print collaboration with Wild Rye, a brand-new floral collection inspired by the eye-catching beauty of wild poppies.

We're excited to offer this print, Wild Poppy, in a few of our Vermont-made styles. Enjoy!

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Skida | Skida x Wild Rye | Introducing Poppy
We caught up with Cassie Abel, Co-Founder and CEO of Wild Rye, to chat about our new print collaboration "Wild Poppy," running a business in the midst of a pandemic, and the importance of prioritization - 


How would you describe this print?
"The official name of the print is "Wild Poppy". It's a hand-drawn wild poppy print with a blend of feminine and sass."

Tell us about what Wild Poppy means to you.

"I absolutely love this print because I've long-loved wild poppies. That said, this print is the brainchild of our VT-raised designer, Kelsey. Poppies are her favorite flower and she came to us with this print idea for our Spring 2021 shorts line. She took the inspiration and put pen to paper to bring this print to life. In addition to the Wild Rye x Skida collab, this print will be heavily featured on the Wild Rye Kaweah short come March 2021."

What's new with Wild Rye? 
"So much! This year has been a wild ride for us (pun intended). Like everyone at the helm of a brand, my heart sank and anxiety set in at the beginning of March as retailers started panicking and the world shut down. By April, as people, women in particular, started settling into a new normal and getting outside a LOT, our expectations for 2020 were blown out of the water. With this growth, we're working tirelessly on creating our most beautiful and technical lines for 2021. We cannot wait to introduce them to the world. In addition, we're continuing to facilitate the growth and interaction of our communities through our new Girls Gone Wild Rye Strava Group and Insider Program open to all women-identifying and non-binary individuals."

What lessons have you learned in 2020?
"Prioritization. I'm a new mom, so balancing the business with raising my son, Sawyer, has been the biggest lesson of my year. It hasn't always been perfect or pretty, but I know more than ever how much I love and believe in Wild Rye and creating a community for women that's inspiring, inclusive, and FUN. We all need a little fun in our lives to help us continue to fight for what we believe in in today's world."

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