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Behind The Print

Sharing a love of wintry landscapes, skiing, and Vermont, we teamed up with photographer and designer, Dede Johnston, to give her 'Crowded Slopes' series a new platform on our winter accessories. Enjoy!

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Sharing a passion for technical and beautiful outdoor apparel, we've teamed up with the ladies behind Wild Rye, a Sun Valley-based apparel company for women. We're pleased to bring you our fourth print collaboration with Wild Rye, a brand-new bright & bold lichen-inspired collection.

We're excited to offer this print, Shroom Bloom, in a few of our Vermont Collection styles. Enjoy!

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Skida x Wild Rye
We caught up with Cassie Abel, Co-Founder and CEO of Wild Rye, to chat about our new print collaboration "Shroom Bloom," trusting your gut, and what's on tap for the winter ahead – 


What was the inspiration behind this print?
"Shroom Bloom is a fresh take on a floral with bold, retro colors that bring a sense of nostalgia. The print was inspired by the lichen that grows on the trees across the PNW, New England and beyond."

Tell us about what Shroom Bloom means to you.
"The bloom symbolizes a fresh start after a roller coaster of a couple years for women everywhere. The bold colors indicate strength and determination to persevere and come out on top!"

What does a partnership with Skida mean to Wild Rye? 
"This is our 4th year of collaborating with our friends across the country – Skida! It means so much to bring together two very like-minded women-led brands and offer our communities something we've created together. Both of us – as humans and brands – are dedicated to inspiring confidence and getting people outside into nature with respect and reverence for our natural world. Corinne and I have worked together in various capacities for five years and I just love and admire her energy and leadership!"

What are some challenges and successes from 2021 so far?
"I've encountered no shortage of major challenges over the last year, but the two biggest are also both successes in my book. Firstly, Wild Rye has grown from a team of one (plus some amazing freelancers) to an in-house team of six rad women in the last year. With growth comes infinite new challenges. I also became a mom just before the pandemic hit, so that's added a whole new layer to growing a tiny human while growing a business! On the flip side, both are also major successes and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm so proud of our growing brand and the little guy Sawyer is growing up to be!"

What is one piece of advice you can give to other women-owned businesses that has helped you get through the pandemic?
"Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize and protect your personal and business boundaries. Trust your gut to know when to say "hell yes!" to an opportunity and when to respectfully pass, no explanation necessary."

What are you most looking forward to this winter?
"Taking my little guy skiing. We tried last winter, but the boots with his skis attached literally fell off his feet while riding up the magic carpet. I'm hoping for a better fit this coming winter! I'm also pretty excited to start getting back out into the backcountry with my hubby and girlfriends whenever possible...Most specifically, my annual B.O.O.B.s (Babes Out of Bounds) backcountry yurt trip."

What's your current mantra?
"Teamwork makes the dream work!"

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