• Equality | Snow Tour
  • Equality | Snow Tour
  • Equality | Snow Tour
  • Equality | Snow Tour

Equality | Snow Tour




In collaboration with Legion of Los Angeles (L39ION), we are proud to support the greater message behind this print and the vision of L39ION of LA.

L39ION is an Elite Cycling Team dedicated to increasing diversity, encouraging inclusion, and giving supporters access to their favorite athletes.

40% of all Equality sales go toward Team L39ION.

We are honored to partner with Team L39ION because of their mission towards amplifying BIPOC voices in the cycling community. Read more on our blog!


About the Skida Tour:

The Snow Tour is that feather-weight layer that fends off the elements, leaving you warm and dry. Our Brushed Thermal fabric is soft on one side and bold on the other. It is the perfect side-kick for any chilly day. Plus, with a touch of creativity, it can also be worn as a headband, or even a hat. Read more.

As always, made in Vermont.



  • Materials: Brushed Thermal Poly-Spandex fabric with moisture management and anti-microbial technology (92% Polyester, 8% Spandex)
  • UPF Rating of 50+ 
  • Size: 19" Circumference, 17” Height (our Tour can also be folded in half to be worn as a double layer face-covering)
  • One size fits most.
Please note print may vary due to scale.

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