The Paula Project

The Paula Project

Meet World Cup alpine ski racer and one of our favorite athletes, Paula Moltzan!

Introducing our 4th Annual Collaboration

Having finished Top 10 in the 2022 Beijing Olympics, we're stoked to cheer her on again this winter. As always, proceeds from the collection support Paula's racing pursuits on the World Cup circuit this season.

A quick catch up with Paula:

You got married this September, congrats! How was the big day?

It was unforgettable, so incredible to have all our family and friends we love from around the world get together for a weekend of love and festivities.

How did you balance taking time to celebrate with your upcoming season?

The timing on the wedding worked out perfectly / was planned for by my coaches when the season training schedule was being put into place. We did it right after our summer camp in NZ and a couple weekend before heading to Sölden.

That sounds like a super busy summmer! Did you sneak in a honeymoon too?

No honeymoon yet but we are working on planning one for the spring.

Now on to this years print! Tell us about your inspo?

I wanted to do something a little different than my last few years (floral and more feminine) but I still wanted to keep it really fun and colorful. So after a little research and some excellent graphic design by Skida we were able to put this print together that we named Berry Patch. Look for the hidden strawberries! 🔍 🍓

We've had fun seeing photos of you rocking the new print on your insta. What does the rest of your fall and winter look like this year?

Similar to most years, I will be competing in all of the Slalom and GS World cups and hopefully also competing at the World Championships in France in February. I will hopefully get a little “off” time while in Europe to get out of my speed suit and explore the mountains.

Can't wait to follow along on your adventures. How many passport stamps do you think you'll get this winter?

Not as many as you would think because we head to Europe and stay there for extended periods of time. So maybe like 4 or 5 in a season total, but we sure will cross a lot of borders in the car traveling from race to race!

Ok now for some quick questions... Pre-Race Rituals?

Nothing crazy but I stick to the same on hill warm up on race and training days. I try to keep the race feels similar to training to get in a routine of always skiing the same.

What was your first Skida product or print?

My first ever Skida product was a blue multicolor tour neck warmer that I think I won at a race at Burke. It really started a spiral effect now I think I own almost every print.

Favorite Skida product to wear?

Strawberry tour all day every day.

What’s playing on your Spotify? For workouts? For dance parties? For wind down?

I have Two Friend’s Big Bootie mixes on repeat for workouts and dance parties. When I am on a long car ride or just chilling out most likely the Lumineers, Caamp, or Noah Kahan.

Tips and tricks for getting out there on cold winter mornings?

A strong cup of coffee and layer up!

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

So excited to continue working with Skida, I hope many can enjoy my print in the mountains like I will!

more on the print:

Berry Patch gives a subtle nod to Paula's love for the OG Skida print, Strawberry Fields, and is tastefully finished with a risograph overlay. This fresh + colorful design is sure to keep you cheery this winter. We can't wait to see how you rock it on the slopes! ❄️