The most common questions we receive is:

"What's the difference between Alpine and Nordic?"

Our signature headwear styles were born from the Vermont winter pleasures of downhill and cross-country skiiing. Fleece lined warmth for the cold, often windy exposure on the mountain. And lightweight breathability for the aerobic nature of skate skiing.

Here's the 101 on our Vermont Collection staple styles.

The Alpine Collection

Our Skida Alpine styles are made with a wind-cutting material and lined with cozy fleece. No matter how cold the conditions, our Alpine styles will keep you warm and dry, as you go from casual to performance without skipping a beat.

don't let the cold hold you back !

When to Wear Alpine:

Our Alpine gear is the perfect weight for colder days when you still want to get after it. It's our most versatile line and is great for chilly dipping, hitting the slopes, or just cruising around town.

The Alpine Lineup

Alpine Hat

Our best selling insulated piece, the Alpine Hat, is the perfect weight for colder days. Great for chilly strolls and hitting the slopes. This hat goes from casual to performance without skipping a beat. A winter gear staple.

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Alpine Neckwarmer

Our take on a classic fleece-lined winter neckwarmer. It is the perfect neck, nose, cheeks protection for battling cold conditions.

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Alpine Headband

Designed with our signature printed poly-blend fabric and lined with soft Polartec® micro-fleece, our Alpine Headband is a great alternative to the Alpine Hat.

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The outer fabric of the bandana has water resistant properties providing protection to sleet and snow. The velcro closure of the Bandana makes it an easy piece to throw on and take off, without pulling off your hat or helmet.

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The Nordic Collection

Our Skida Nordic styles are made of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric and designed with endurance pursuits in mind. Perfect for running, cross-country skiing, or wearing under a helmet, these styles are pocket-friendly and easily stored for wherever, whenever.

think maximum breathability

When to Wear Nordic

Our Nordic gear is perfect for high-endurance days outside. This line is made out of a highly breathable material and keeps you extra comfortable when breaking a sweat! It's also great when you need a light layer on your head and neck — think chilly Fall bike rides and Spring skiing.

The Nordic Lineup

Nordic Hat

Our first ever Skida product! Designed originally for cross country skiing, it’s lightweight poly-blend fabric is breathable and moisture wicking, keeping you comfy and dry while exercising. The thin fabric allows the hat to fit comfortably under a helmet, too.

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Snow Tour

Made from a lightweight brushed fabric, the Snow Tour is our take on a classic neck gaiter. Whether you wear it under your helmet or tucked into a jacket or scarf, you can rest assured that your face and neck will remain protected.

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Nordic Headband

Wear it scrunched or flat to keep sweat and hair off of your face, or as an extra layer in the cold. Our wide-band design fits comfortably under a helmet, too. It provides function all year round.

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Our newest Nordic product! The Balaclava offers full neck and head coverage for long days in the outdoors. The hood fits seamlessly under a hat, helmet, or around the neck when not in use.

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