film photos & words by Corinne Prevot

This summer’s collection is all about being outside, taking inspiration from the french expression en plein air, meaning “in the open air”. It refers to the act of painting outdoors, so we ventured to the southwest to find big open skies to create under.

Here's a take from our photoshoot where I shot film photos and styled our models behind-the-scenes.  Our team was flawless: Sofia on stills, Sophie on video (coming soon!), and Sarah, Emily, Malou, and Michael putting in the motion and the miles.  

We wanted wide-open spaces and that we found! Filled with unique textures and tones unlike any landscape I've set foot in. 

“Under the open sky, artists capture the essence of nature en plein air, their brushes dancing with sunlight and wind, creating a vivid tapestry that breathes life into their canvases.”

In the context of running, I like that we can be artists in our own space and in movement under the great open sky. You could spend hours trail running here and never get bored in these landscapes. Shooting film photos out in the wild is surely an art form, too.

The warm desert was the perfect playground for our cool summer styles. We lived in the Viska Pants: they transitioned from hot, dry days to cool nights perfectly, keeping our winter legs protected from the hot sun. I think the colors look so nice in this soft, muted landscape. <3

Venture out 👇