A Song for Summertime: Loon Song

A Song for Summertime: Loon Song

We teamed up with Burlington-based musician Francesca Blanchard on her new song to kick-off the launch of our upcoming collection.

It felt only fitting for Francesca – recently returned from a year in France and looking ahead to a new chapter in her life stateside – to debut three new prints from our upcoming collection, Blooming & Awakening, in the music video for her new single, Loon Song. Watch the video below »

Watch the full music video here.

On a warm summer evening, we caught up with Francesca to talk all things creative process, blooming and awakening, and what she's dreaming up next. Despite stormy skies, we chatted as we paddled out to a small island on Vermont's Green River Reservoir. As the clouds opened up, our Bucket Hats offered protection from the rain as we went from the lake to the tent.

We asked Francesca to give us a little insight into the creative process of writing and filming the video for Loon Song:

Behind the Lyrics
"'Loon Song' was inspired by a loon call I heard on a camping trip earlier this summer, a sound that always seems to ground me and fuel my gratitude both for the present moment and for what's to come."

Behind the Collaboration
"Corinne approached me about collaborating on something in April. I'd just returned home from my year of hiding in France, and Vermont felt alive with communal celebration; a post-winter, post-isolation feeling of hope and excitement for newfound community. I'd known about Skida for years before meeting Corinne, repping her headwear out in nature – where I find most of my musical inspiration! Skida's use of bold, bright colors has always inspired optimism in me, something I needed all too much this last year. We wanted to make something together that reflected this feeling of new beginnings and hope, while staying true to our shared love of the outdoors. I'd write a song, Skida would style the video." 

Follow along with Francesca's creative endeavors at her website or via Instagram.