Meet World Cup alpine ski racer, Paula Moltzan!

Introducing our 5th Annual Collaboration

Coming off the 2023 season with a gold medal at the World Championships in Courchevel-Meribel, we're stoked to cheer her on again this winter. As always, proceeds from #ThePaulaProject collection support Paula's racing pursuits on the World Cup circuit this season.

A quick catch up with Paula:

We’re so excited to keep following along with #PaulasProject and launch your newest print! Going into our fifth season together, what is it about working with Skida that excites you?

For me one of the most exciting things is in the late spring/ early summer when we begin the processes of creating the next iteration of the Paula project. This part of the process is my favorite because it truly feels like the start of the new season. It requires a lot of people coming together to make it all happen. Working with the design team at Skida is a treat because they make my vision come to life. 

How do you feel when you see your Skida print in the wild?

It is probably one of my favorite things, no matter what iteration of the Paula project they are wearing it feels like they are a part of my community. I usually try my best to go up to anyone wearing one of my prints and tell them that I appreciate their support!

What was your first Skida product or print?

My first ever Skida product was a blue multicolor tour neck warmer that I think I won at a race at Burke. It really started a spiral effect now I think I own almost every print.

Congratulations on your gold medal at the World Championships in Courchevel-Meribel this past year! What are your hopes and dreams for this season?

Thank you! I don’t like to set a lot of number goals for myself, but one of my career goals is to stand on the top step of the podium. I try to stay focused on things that I can control; stay present, be grateful, show appreciation, and remain happy throughout the whole season.

You are a woman of many sports and activities — golf, hockey, water skiing, gymnastics, and pickle ball to name a few! Do you think changing up your activities off the course help your performance on the course and how?

I don’t like being bored so I think it is amusing to do a little bit of everything. I just picked up golfing this summer and I think it may be the most frustrating sport I have ever played. I think doing other activities helps bring perspective to ski racing. 

Do you get competitive when playing pickle ball?

Of course! I think any athlete is competitive in all sport but in pickleball I really hate losing. So, if you ask my husband, he will definitely say I’m overly competitive.

"I try to stay focused on things that I can control; stay present, be grateful, show appreciation, and remain happy throughout the whole season."

-Paula Moltzan

Ok, time for some rapid fire questions!

What’s playing on your Spotify? For workouts? For dance parties? For wind down?

I have Two Friend’s Big Bootie mixes on repeat for workouts and dance parties. When I am on a long car ride or just chilling out I'm most likely listening to:

🎵 Sarah's Place - Noah Kahan & Zach Bryan

🎵 Orange Juice - Noah Kahan

🎵 Call Your Mom - Noah Kahan

🎵 Spotless - Lumineers & Zach Bryan

🎵 26 - Caamp

🎵 Coal - Dylan Gosst

What are some of your favorite things to do in Vermont?

I love hiking parts of the long trail, biking at Cady hill, getting a beer at Lawson’s, and having a good meal with friends! 

What is your favorite place racing bring you?

My favorite place my racing brings me outside of the USA is probably to Åre, Sweden. It holds a special place in my heart because it has cozy vibe and a culture similar to New England!

What is your favorite cozy meal?

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with fresh bread.

What is your go-to coffee order?

Iced maple latte with oat milk.

Thanks Paula! We can't wait to follow along this season!

more on the print:

Midsommar gives a subtle nod to the Swedish holiday and the pink daisy that blooms during late June. This fresh + colorful hand-painted floral design is sure to keep you cheery this winter. We can't wait to see how you rock it on the slopes! ❄️