Meet the Athlete:

Ryan Cochran-Siegle

During his second Olympic Games, Ryan Cochran-Siegle won a Silver Medal in the Super-G at Beijing. Great success often takes a village; in Ryan's case, this is undoubtedly true (plus, his determination and a lot of hard work). The Cochran family has been known in the ski world for the last fifty years and Ryan is carrying on the family legacy. We caught up with him to learn about the new Ginny's Way Sync Performance race suit and look at the season ahead.

The Cochran's Way

We are excited to partner with SYNC this season on your special Ginny’s Way race suit - what is the SYNC difference?

I’m also very excited to be partnering with SYNC this year and I can’t wait to rip some slalom laps down I-89 in my Ginny’s Way race suit once the snow flies! The SYNC difference to me is about identifying and supporting the needs of every passionate racer and skier on the mountain by developing and supplying quality products that are built to perform.

What are you most proud of from last season?

To be honest, last season felt very difficult for me after realizing such a career year in 2022. From the very start, I set my expectations too high and became disappointed in myself and down when I fell short as the season progressed. The biggest thing I can take from my experience last year and in a sense what I’m most proud of is walking away from it by owning my shortcomings and reestablishing the idea that the work you put in is what you get out. I’ve done my best to realign my priorities to make sure that I am putting everything I can into my skiing while I still can because this opportunity won’t last forever. 

What does it mean to you to be part of a team like the US Ski & Snowboard Team?

It means that I am given the chance to be a part of something greater than myself. US Ski & Snowboard is a historic organization that has helped grow skiing and snowboarding across the country for decades now. There are countless athletic stars, both past and present, that have left remarkable legacies, and it’s powerful to know I can follow in their footsteps to hopefully leave my own mark when it’s all said and done.

What’s your upcoming season look like? Any race you’re particularly looking forward to most? 

My focus is racing in the World Cup downhill and super-G events, which ramp up pretty heavily from the very beginning of December in Beaver Creek, CO through Kvitfjell, Norway by the middle of February. We’ll then have a longer break than usual before (hopefully) going back over to Europe for World Cup Finals in Saalbach, Austria at the very end of March. I’m pretty excited to race back in Val Gardena, Italy and to ski the Saaslong track again this year. It’s a really fun track with lots of crazy terrain and big jumps and I’m hoping I can do my best to find a natural flow through it all and the joy that is downhill ski racing.

Favorite place skiing has brought you to?

Kitzbuhel, Austria. During the week of the Hahnenkamm-Rennen in late January, Kitzbuhel becomes electric with excitement and anticipation similar to that of the Kentucky Derby or the Super Bowl. The track of the Streif is unlike any other with extreme terrain and challenging conditions that makes it the pinnacle of World Cup Downhill. It’s a special experience each year to ski down the same course that my Uncle Bob did back in the ’70’s, along with many other great legends. When I’m there I always feel that Kitzbuhel embodies the purest heart and soul of the sport of ski racing. The skiing around Kitzbuhel is also phenomenal and seemingly endless from one valley to the next, just in case you’re not feeling up to kicking out of the start and over the Mausefalle jump at 60mph.

skida x sync performance

"I’m very excited to be partnering with SYNC this year and I can’t wait to rip some slalom laps down I-89 in my Ginny’s Way race suit once the snow flies!"

-Ryan Cochran-Siegle, Olympic Silver Medalist

I hear your print is named after your grandma – she sounds like an amazing lady both within your family and the larger community – can you tell me a little bit about her?

Both my grandfather and grandmother were of the hard-working blue-collar type who put their family first and always did what was necessary to make ends meet. My grandmother, Mimi as we called her, was by no means a pushover. If you ever crossed the line or misbehaved, she was not afraid to put you in your place. Growing up with this style of tough love gave us a great appreciation for what we were given and taught us to be self-governed for what behavior was right and wrong. She also showed us the importance of hard work and not cutting corners, setting the expectation that what you receive in life is what you earn based on the seeds that you sow.

How did it feel to be home for the summer? Any preferred VT summer activities? 

At this point in my career, having to live out of suitcase for 7+ months of the year gets a bit stale, so I try to maximize the amount of time I spend at home to be with my friends and family. This summer was perfect for putting work into the gym in the morning and then getting outside for a hike or bike ride in the afternoon. I love summer in Vermont for the many activities you have access to. A few of my favorite highlights include being a best man at my cousin Robby’s wedding that was held at Cochran’s, watching Noah Kahan perform on the Burlington waterfront from my friend’s boat (thanks Rob & Liz!), going camping with my girlfriend Jessie and our new pup Wrigley at Lake St. Catherine State Park, and of course the many many maple creemees at The Big Spruce in Richmond! 

What is your favorite Vermont hike? 

Sunset Ridge Trail on Mt. Mansfield if you can find a nice day without it being too crowded. However, my go to hike this summer was heading up and around Cochran’s with my girlfriend and Wrigley as it is so close to where we live and I love stopping by the ski area any chance I can get.

Will you have any time this season to get home and ski at the old Cochran’s stomping grounds? 

I’m planning to be home for a few days around New Years and again at the end of February and early March, so there should be plenty of time in there to ski Cochran’s. Hoping for lots of snow back in Vermont for everyone to enjoy this winter!

How has it been adding a puppy to the mix?!

Since I was a kid I’ve always loved dogs and it’s been a dream of mine to get one once the time was right. Getting Wrigley has certainly been an adventure, but we’ve been loving every minute of it! It can be a bit chaotic and challenging at times, especially when I’m on the road and with Jessie being in med school, but we’ve figured out a good system so far to make it all work. We’re very happy with our life with Wrigley and couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

What is Wrigley’s favorite treat? Does he have a fav Skida bandana pattern?

 Wrigley becomes a total psycho when it comes to bully sticks, so we let him chew on one only when he’s been a really good boy. And yes, of course he has a favorite Skida bandana pattern, he loves his Moo Cow print!

Cochran's Ski Area

In 1998, Cochran’s Ski Area became a non-profit organization with a mission “to provide area youth and families with affordable skiing and snowboarding, lessons and race training, in the Cochran tradition.”

Cochran's offers After School Programs, a Ski Club, and a Rippers and Racers camp.