A Tu-Tour-ial

Recently a friend asked us a question that left us wondering.

What is the best way to wear the Tour style?

This got us thinking about the simple yet magically complex creations that are the Snow Tour and Sun Tour neck gaiters. So we hit the drawing board. 

Maximizing softness and versatility, we were excited about the possibilities but still couldn't quite agree on the best way to tour. So we consulted our friend Oliver for some expert advice and tour testing. 

But Oliver's tips and tricks left us even more unsettled than where we began. Camping on a cold night, how would we choose: a tortilla alternative or warmth? Unsure, we pressed on...looking to our friends for inspiration! Here's what we found.

the versatility Is real


The tour is perfect for a chilly day of skiing or hiking. Our friends over at Above the Clouds consider it a travel essential and a packing list necessity.


Simply flip the tour inside out and make a knot to turn it into a nordic-esque hat! The Noisy Plume takes a golden hour cruise on a cool Idaho summer eve.


Scrunch the tour up to turn it into a headband that will keep your ears extra cozy. Pictured on scene, boot-packing up Mount Adams.

⭐️ 🤸‍♀️ ⭐️

Still dazed and confused, we sit at our Burlington desks typing away, pondering our latest product testings and outdoor adventures...  

How will we ever choose the Tour's ultimate application?

Is this even a question we can answer?

If you have a solution or a best way to tour, hit us with a @skidagram tag. If there are any major breakthroughs on our end we promise to update you. In the mean time good luck, and tour away!

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