skida x oboz footwear

VerMontana — True to the Trail

With Skida based in Vermont and Oboz Footwear in Montana, there are 2,000 miles in-between. We found connection through our love of snow (even though there’s a big difference between skiing the “cold smoke” and skiing the East), getting out on the trails, and being in the business to make our communities better places.

Our first shoe!

This collaboration centered around creating a floral pattern for the Whakata Puffy Low & High, two styles made for long adventure-recover-chill-repeat winter days. Of course, we had to make it in our classic VT Collection product styles too. 😉

"To me, the ideal application of this shoe is for after skiing in a hut. I have fond memories of skiing to huts as a kid in the alps led by my aunt Ilse. Staying in a cabin in the winter: it’s one of my favorite forms of skiing and adventure!"

— Corinne Prevot, Skida Founder

Montana grit with a colorful Vermont soul

About the Print

These patterns imagine Montana’s state flower, Bitterroot, woven amongst Vermont species, like trillium, violets, and asters, for a whimsical floral design. VerMontana Field's rustic, earth-toned palette is perfect for cozying up in the lodge, while VerMontana Night's dusky, twilight-inspired hues make us want to tour under the moonlight!


At Skida, we’re rooted in our home geography of Vermont, so taking to the mountains and plains of Montana and melding it together with the place we know and love is what this collab is all about.