Our fall collection draws from the realization of oneness with nature – that we're all connected. Blooming & Awakening plays with celestial magic and universal connectivity, from stars to mystical signs and symbols found in the natural world. Enjoy!

"I found inspiration while in the presence of volcanoes, evoking a feeling of connection to nature and the universe. They bring to mind a mystical element of our natural world, taking shape in our collection as vibrant florals, sacred geometries, and cosmic shapes.

Mountaineering and literary enthusiasts Lani, Mallory, and Elliott would join me in taking these prints to rise above the forests and ski down one of the volcanoes that inspired me from the start."

Here's Lani, offering her perspective on the trip:

"Over the years I've done a handful of trips with Corinne and Elliot, from sailing in Iceland to mountain biking in Nepal. Corinne is a true creative, always dreaming and scheming up ideas; Elliot had just emerged from a reading rampage and offered all kinds of book recommendations and perspective-altering ideas; Mallory was a fantastic addition our trio. Down to earth, humble and curious, he and I discussed everything from the pressure of being looked at as an expert on all things Black Lives Matter related and being one of few minorities in our respective circles, to his van-life adventures."

"I didn't have any specific expectations for our journey. I simply looked forward to a low-pressure environment to ski and sleep under the stars alongside friends on a volcano in the Pacific Northwest in the middle of summer. I anticipated quality corn snow, and never imagined skiing such massive sun cups...more on those later."

"I expected we'd have to melt snow to drink and to cook, but I was surprised by a thawed out stream we used to source water and kind temperatures that even permitted bare feet at times. I was struck by the stark contrast in the landscape as we ascended: lush old growth trees and loaming dirt down low, then undergrowth blossoming in a burned zone, and eventually a bald volcano covered in white snow, bare patches revealing the dark volcanic rock beneath."

"Atop the volcano, we bundled up as close as we could to each other in our best effort to all stay dry during a fast and furious storm. While the idea of a summit tends to lure me to climbing certain peaks and completing objectives, it never seems to be the summit that I remember most in hindsight. This volcano was no different. On my own, I might have approached it with the single objective of a summit, but with this crew, we camped on the volcano for multiple nights, giving us time to explore, to wander, to converse, and to hang."

"I left the volcano feeling fulfilled, inspired, bloomed and awakened in many ways. It was the laughter that followed Elliot losing one of his shoes after it rattled free from his pack while we skied down sun cups the size of craters on the moon. It was bundling together under the megamid, while the sides of our shelter flapped violently with the wind, through the pouring rain. It was rallying the rental minivan up a burly road, and watching Elliot walk around Portland after the trip with a sneaker on one foot and a boot liner on the other. It was all of the moments in-between that mattered most to me, and the conversations that left me feeling inspired and creative."

Lani Bruntz

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