Nordic Dreamscape - 2021

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Read about the adventure and inspiration below!

This season's collection, "Dreamscape", celebrates dreams — and the often surreal landscapes within a dream.

We took this collection of prints to a place that had only existed in our imagination. Our otherworldly explorations brought us to the unusual surfaces of Iceland's mystical landscapes, where we made new friends and brought this dream to life.


  In creating our twelfth season of colorful patterns, we found inspiration in the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design. Our creative process brought us to a dreamy intersection in which our simple, clean, and cheerful style meets a bohemian look, characterized by carefree layers of pattern, texture, and color.


We came to know the Arktika over dinner at the dock in Isafjordur, Iceland. Siggi, our captain, told us about a Native American story - that when traveling by horseback, they take breaks from galloping across the plains by resting under trees or sitting in the grass. They say it is important to take time for your soul to keep up - that our souls cannot travel as fast as the horses run. So, there we were, after hours of plane and automobile travel, soulless.

As awe-struck settled in, I think our souls caught up with us on the final bootpack up a crooked couloir, overlooking whitecaps in the sea around the boat below. Thankfully, because we needed our courage to confidently manage the steep, narrow corridor, the rugged waterfall, and punchy stream crossings below. What fun!

Thank you, Siggi, we'll always remember exploring your home. It brings us immense joy and gratitude to have spent time with you in your magical, mystical world. And Halla, we'll be back to ski with you when you're ready!

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