photos by emily polar / 📍 nagarkot, nepal

dzi foundation x skida x revel bikes

Connecting Communities

Skida is partnering with Revel Bikes to support the dZi Foundation in its mission to strengthen Nepali mountain communities through innovative education, agriculture, and health programs.

About the Collab

This partnership is driven by a shared vision of supporting mountain communities, fostering sustainable development, and preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Nepali regions.

Skida is excited to support dZi's mission of helping folks thrive and prosper on their own terms. Through this collaboration and giveaway, we strive to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities in mountainous areas.

The Nepal Connection

Skida’s long history with Nepal dates back to when founder, Corinne Prevot, studied abroad in Nepal during college and fell in love with the strength of its mountain town communities and local craftsmanship. While Skida is a made-in-USA brand, we make an exception for small-batch cashmere produced in Nepal. During Prevot’s first sourcing trip to Nepal, she brought her mountain bike to explore some of the mountains and as a way to participate in some locals’ favorite pastimes. During that trip, biking became her shared language and as a result, she was invited on many group rides and found herself further immersed in the community.

During that trip, biking became her shared language, and as a result, she was invited on many group rides and found herself further immersed in the community.

“During my time in Nepal over the years, I learned about the dZi Foundation and their approach to economic development through long-lasting relationships with communities. Their team in Nepal felt like a family, exuding enthusiasm in their work and passion for positive change.”

– Corinne Prevot, Founder

about the print


Fulbaari, translating to flower garden, was designed by Kathmandu-based artist, Ubahang Nembang.

His print features marigold wreaths which are often given to visitors to mark their arrival in a community, rhododendrons as a marker of the arrival of spring (also Nepal's national flower), and clouds which are often depicted in artwork across Nepal.

"Ubahang's intricate details and vibrant colors stir up nostalgia: reminding me of Nepal's diverse landscapes, mythical creatures, and cultural symbols." - Kripa Dongol, dZi's Director of Impact & Innovation

skida x revel x dzi

The Giveaway

Every $10 donation to dZi gets you a chance to win a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted Revel Ranger Mountain Bike, along with a full set of the Skida x dZi collection, including a Brim Hat, Sun Tour, Bike Fender, Throwback Headband, and limited edition Cashmere Shawl.