Corinne's Guide to Skiing Japan

Corinne's Guide to Skiing Japan

I find a stunning joy in traveling to ski.  My dreamiest destination?  Japan. It is an incredible place to ski and explore with hundreds of ski areas. I pulled together some of my favorite places to ski and ride in different parts of Japan so you can join me in dreaming about your next trip to the powder paradise!
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Popularized by fluffy pillows of powder, steamy onsen baths, and novelty seafood, Japan has stood out as a global ski and snowboard destination since hosting their first Winter Olympics in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1972.  The event led to the skiing boom of the 1980s, which saw more ski areas in the country than ever (over 700!).  Get this: today, Japan hosts more ski areas than North America!

The unique geographic positioning of Japan provides the perfect balance of moisture and temperature to create its signature powder pillows and mind-boggling snowfall.  Continue reading to get a peek at six of my favorite places to visit in Japan – I saved the best for last!


"Step off the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo and go back in time in the mountain village of Nozawaonsen, known for it's long, ridge-line slopes and many, many hot springs."


"Escape the crowds by spending time in Furano, a rural area punctualized by a world-class ski resort with a hike-able bowl and other small nearby resorts with neat side-country access."


"One long singular tram line takes you near the top of an active volcanic mountain top covered in snow. There's nothing like it."


"Aomori City sits on the northernmost bay of Honshu, the main island of Japan. When off the hill, we visited Aomori, known for it's fresh seafood, arts & culture museums, as well as a modern indoor market showcase the region's commercialization of apple farming & cider mills (who knew?!)."


"While off-the-beaten-path for global winter tourism, this region is rich with authentic Japanese culture, food, and art. I found this area to be an exciting way to visit local ski areas and also experience 'off-snow' things like silk-dying textiles, wagyu beef, and sake."

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Hokkaido is amazing. And there is a great dome nearby with a 1m diameter Brashear Telescope 🔭 ⭐️

Hokkaido is amazing. And there is a great dome nearby with a 1m diameter Brashear Telescope 🔭 ⭐️

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